ILF Scholarships

The Indonesian Leadership Foundation (ILF) Scholarship program is a scholarship program designed to provide financial aids to students pursuing their higher education’s degrees. The program was started in 2010 when ILF saw the need of many school teachers who did not have bachelor’s degrees, while the Indonesian government (National Education System UU No 20/2003 and PP No 19/2005) mandated that the teachers have to possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and the school principals should have a minimum of a Master’s degree to practice their professions. ILF bridged the gap by helping the teachers and school principals to meet this need.

Since 2014 the scholarships were given to a broader range of selected high school graduates, not limited to teachers, who are pursuing their bachelor’s degrees. See our scholars stories to understand each of their challenges and achievements.

Please check our other pages under Scholarship section to learn more about the eligibility and selection process, and also visit the Frequently Asked Questions to answer most of the detail questions you may have.