‘Be Bless 10’

What is ‘Be Bless 10’?
‘Be Bless 10’ is the Indonesian Leadership Foundation’s program that focuses on supporting education for poor children between the ages of 5 to 15 in Indonesia. Through ‘Be Bless 10’, the Indonesian Leadership Foundation assists poor children by providing school supplies such as books, pencils, shoes, backpacks, school uniforms, medicines, and technology for further advancement of their education like a computer or tablet. The children who receive our school supplies feel more confident and self-assured, as they now will have school supplies the right uniform and shoes to wear.

Through ‘Be Bless10’, the Indonesian Leadership Foundation envisions building the leaders for tomorrow.

Why is it called Be Bless 10?
The number 10 represents 10 US Dollars. This value seems small in the United States, however if this amount is converted to Indonesian Rupiah, the value is higher and can go further in Indonesia to support programs.

For example, a cup of Starbuck’s coffee costs $5 and many people consume one or more daily. In an average month, it could cost them $150 or more per month. If they skip drinking Starbuck’s coffee for two cups a month and use this $10 to support educational needs for the children in Indonesia, this amount would be able to be used school supplies, shoes, and uniforms.

Imagine that if together we could have 5, 10, 100, 200 or even 300 donors each giving $10, how much support we could give to help children's education in Indonesia. What a blessing of $10!

What do we do?


Since 2015, the Indonesian Leadership Foundation has created several activities and programs to help the children in Indonesia.

  • Through ‘Backpack Blessing’, ILF provided backpacks for 30 children in Sumba. Funds distributed $300.
  • ‘Shoes for Tomorrow’ provided shoes for 40 orphans at the Orphanage Caleb, in Maluku. Funds distributed $750.
  •  ‘Looking to the World’ provided 10 desktop computers for “Anak Panah Christian School " in Papua. Funds distributed $1,200.

Additional new programs are planned to help schools and children groups in Sumatra, Java and Kalimantan.

Every donation given to 'Be Bless 10' is a blessing to be distributed for the benefit of the education of children in Indonesia. The donation is open to anyone and the results will be reported back to donors. To contribute, please visit our 'Donate' page.

Rev. Dr. Victorius A Hamel
Coordinator of 'Be Bless 10'